Many of my fellow readers have surely been asking themselves: where have I been and why have I stopped writing? Well, I’m back with lots of things to share with you. I must apologize for my absence, but living a fast-paced life and raising 3 kids is not an easy-peasy job, it requires full dedication. As they are growing older, their daily routines become more and more complex, and I have to be just right around the corner to provide my help whenever they need it.

A lot of parents will agree that when the kids are young they take so little space, but as they grow older they need to be provided, of course, if possible, with separate rooms where they can have privacy, spend time in their own “bubble”, express their thoughts, or if they are in the mood for a quiet place to read a book, they can always wander back in their room. Having in mind this concern, these past few years we’ve been dedicated to searching the market for a bigger home that could accommodate our family.

While searching for the most suitable house, we had precise requirements that the new house had to “live up to”. When searching for a new home, you have to think outside the box, you have to take into consideration your everyday routines, in the morning, in the night time, your work, hobbies, everything that you and your family do to fulfill your spare time.

Besides our requirements for a spacious living environment, we had one, rather odd requirement and that was a tankless hot water heater, and believe me when I tell you – no dream house for a family of 5 can be that “dreamy” if it doesn’t include one.

The perk of having hot water at all times has transformed my day-to-day so much, that I can’t envision my life without it anymore. When you have 3 kids, and a tight schedule (for kids and grown-ups), it feels like every day becomes a constant wait for the water to heat – there’s always someone that needs a shower. With a tankless water heater, for us that became a thing of the past – if you follow the maintenance guidelines from TanklessCenter, you won’t come across any problems with the heater, and you can enjoy hot water at all times – kids can jump in the shower immediately after practice, and grown-ups can end every occasional stressful day with a wait-free hot shower.

The perfect house does not exist, but any house can be transformed into a loving and caring home. And, of course, if there are a few little luxuries you can think of – go for it, as I did! The way I see it, I would do anything to enrich our family time and make our everyday life as hassle-free and as comfy as possible. And while this little update doesn’t seem that important, I thought I’d restart this blog with a post about something that makes me happy! Who knows, it might get me back in the habit of writing.