It got freakishly warm here a couple days ago, and the kids were really bouncing off the walls. I know I am in for it when I’m being asked, “Mama, what can we doooooo?” over and over again. I don’t want to park them in front of the TV on a nice day, so I figured I’d get them outside. Of course the littlest one decided that it would be a good day for a “splash day,” where we fill up the inflatable pool (our HOA doesn’t allow a permanent one in the yard, and the community pool has closed for the season), some beach toys, and just let the kids have at it. Of course once the idea was out in the open, the bigger two jumped on it as well.

Everything was hanging very sadly and limp in the garage – usually, my husband fills them once and we keep them in the shed until it gets cooler. I told the kids that they were going to have to help me get everything out into the yard. They did it at record speed, which was pretty shocking to me. Some days those kids move slower than molasses, especially when there is manual labor involved. Once they got everything out in the yard, I went in search of Daddy’s little portable air compressor that he keeps in the shed for these jobs, because I am not about to spend half my day blowing that stuff up with just my lungs. Or kid powered lungs either, for that matter, because that would mostly entail them spitting all over the valves and then whining, “Mama! I cain’t do it, come help me.”

So, yeah, air compressor it is. I am not afraid of loud or large tools. He’s got the best home air compressor – it is actually pretty quiet, has a nice adaptor for these dang inflatable beach things, and has wheels so I can just pull it into the backyard. I got everything—and we’re talking a pool that all three of them can fit in, two giant beach balls, an inflatable alligator, and two inflatable pugil sticks—in less than a half hour. Translation=the kids were still debating which bathing suits to wear, fighting over the “good towel” and loading up on sunblock when I got back in the house.

I call that winning.

I made them do their schoolwork while the pool filled from the hose. We made some headway in math and science, my oldest wrote me an essay on a book we read last week, and that was about it—they couldn’t sit any longer. I sent them outside and settled in to fold some laundry. Of course they were back in the house around an hour later, complaining that the water was way too cold and the littlest was whining about some grave injustice because the biggins were ganging up. I made them all go back out and dismantle their splash day and deflate everything. They all trotted right back outside, heads down. Fifteen minutes later, I hear them all laughing. I look out the back window and they’re rolling the youngest around on all the toys to push the air out! Too funny.

We got everything safely stored back in the garage to dry out one last time. The next time any of them gets this idea before April, I’m going to chase them around the yard with that daggone alligator.