Mommy gets a time out now and then. She probably needs more than she gets! Nonetheless, when she merits and takes one, it better be good. Moms have been known to take ten while seating in a comfy lounge chair, sipping wine, and reading a well-written romance novel. Sure, they can get away by watering the plants in the yard or washing the car, but this doesn’t cut it. When she goes back to the kids, she is exhausted. When you have a real time out, gals, you get to treat yourself to something, and for many it is a much-needed glass of wine.

She gets up from the sofa or chair, as mentioned, and approaches the wine fridge. She can’t wait to select from the wonderful varieties inside. Since the fridge has a dual temperature control, she knows there are reds and whites. This is a real grown up time out to be sure! Mommy becomes her adult self, indulging in all the palate-pleasing treasures the fridge holds. She can see through the front of her wine cooler where there is a revealing pane of glass. It gives her a hint of what is to come. She relaxes just thinking about it. She opens the stainless steel door and peers in. Now what should I try today?

The noises from the kids screaming in the yard don’t phase her. She knows the little ones are preoccupied. She hears the dog barking as well. They are all drowned out by the hum of the fridge busily working away to keep everything at the perfect temperature: reds are never too cold and whites don’t need additional chilling. Who bought this wonder, she muses. Did I buy it? She is off into dreamland as she grabs the bottle and a nice crystal glass.

Mom’s time out is over way to soon. She never hurries, however, to finish a glass. No gulping; it is not part of the wine experience. When did she become such an aficionado? Who cares? She craves another pour. Maybe the kids will want to stay outside just a bit longer….she calls to them gently, and they agree. She adds a second phase to her time out. It is a real treasure to get two in one afternoon. Being a mother is everything she could ever hope for, and then some. But there are moments that have to be savored alone.

Alas, the afternoon is drawing to a close and it is time to start making dinner if it is to be on the table by six. She returns the half-filled wine bottle to the cooler and shuts the door with a pinch of regret. It will rest there until tomorrow. Never fear. She remembers to make some notes about getting more wine on the grocery list. The local supermarket has great deals on pretty fine wines, and if she uses the aerator she got for her birthday, well, it will taste and smell even better. Wine, after all, is mom’s salvation. No alcoholic, she just enjoys a glass here and there to unwind.