If I were selling bamboo sheets, I would have a lot to say. I just bought some and am pretty happy with my decision. When I find something I like, I have to tell others about it. I love to share information and tips for around the home. I know I appreciate it when it is done for me. We can all improve our lives with a little help from our friends.

First of all, I went this route due to environmental concerns. There is no shortage of bamboo and no fear of running of a depleted natural resource. Thus, they are highly sustainable in essence. I hear tell that bamboo plants can grow several feet per day! What is really important to me is that they don’t require pesticides like cotton and they are also easy to irrigate.

Second of all, they are as soft as silk or cashmere even if they carry the rayon or viscose name. They are so luxurious they could be found in a royalty home with their superior thread count. You will never want cotton once you try them. They are much more absorbent, if that is an issue, and also anti-bacterial in nature. They have deodorizing properties which makes them great for kids’ beds. They will keep babies dry and comfortable.

I checked all the facts and figures and am here to say that the best bamboo sheets are good in all climates and temperatures. They offer a benefit to people with allergies and chemical sensitivity. For insomniacs, they hug the body and lull you to sleep. When soiled, just toss them in the machine on delicate cycle with a gentle detergent and they are ready in a flash. After drying on low heat, you are ready for another good night’s sleep. For energy conservation, they don’t need hot water.

Are you convinced? Testimonials should take you over the edge. I read that the fabric doesn’t pill, that they come in vibrant and true colors, and they do the trick for anyone with night sweats. Need I say more? You can get pretty good deals and discounts if you search carefully and have them delivered promptly to your door. If you don’t believe they are special, think again.

The price is right for high-quality bedding, maybe a touch above average. Let’s face it, sheets are not cheap, and if they are, buyer beware. They can be pretty pricey when you get to the queen and king size. But let me tell you from experience that they are worth it. If you buy sets, you will save a bit in the process. My family is gaga over them and won’t have anything else. Once your skin gets a load of that softness, you are hooked for life. Learning about bamboo was one of the best tips I ever got and I am willing to pass on my knowledge.

Let me end by saying you don’t have to be super rich to live in the lap of luxury, at least when it comes to bedding. It is nice to pamper yourself at something you do almost one half of the time. You will know what it feels like to stay in a top-tier hotel: isn’t the bed the most important aspect?