Dancing With the Stars is one of those shows that you’re not supposed to admit to liking, even if you love it and you’d happily watch it over and over again during all of your spare time if you didn’t have any standards. I do have standards when it comes to my spare time, so I don’t really see the problem here. If I was watching it when I should be doing something like raising my children or voting for the next president, then I’d see the argument. In fact, my eldest daughter and I love this show and it’s one of the major common interests that we have, so by this very argument, liking this show actually makes me a better parent in this case!

I like watching people dance in almost any circumstance. I’m just a big fan of dancing in general, so a show like Dancing With the Stars is automatically going to appeal to someone with my interests. Sure, I like the classical dance that actually tends to be treated with respect in our culture, like ballet, but not every dance performance has to be ballet in order for it to be high-quality and interesting to watch. The fact that ballet dancers rarely become celebrities is also going to cancel out some of the fun. The performance is about the dance only and never the dancer. The dancers are functionally anonymous performers that you can watch and appreciate from a distance for their technique only.

I like that I actually know who some of the Dancing With the Stars people are. I can see them dance with real dancers, and I can find out if so-and-so can actually dance. Yes, some of these stars are basically washed-up. I don’t care. They didn’t evaporate when the media stopped focusing on them, and I might still have nostalgia for some of these people. They didn’t hurt anyone just because they’re not in the limelight anymore and they didn’t hurt anyone by agreeing to join a dance competition. They don’t need to be made fun of at every single opportunity, critics. You can let it go now.

Watching the bad dancers get eliminated from the competition is fun because bad dancing is funny. Admit it: you think it is, too. Good dancing is fun to watch in a different way, and you get plenty of that with Dancing With the Stars. It has the best of both worlds, so if you like dancing, there’s no reason not to like Dancing With the Stars.