Here’s the thing: teachers are stressed out. They’re really stressed out. They have thirty kids to deal with at least, and they have to somehow make sure that all of them are learning in the way that they should. They have to do this while also meeting all sorts of faculty obligations. They also have to do this while enacting discipline in their classes, even though most forms of discipline are outlawed today and the teachers have alarmingly few options.

Schoolteachers aren’t as poorly paid as a lot of people seem to think: I’ve heard people guess that teachers make as little as retail workers, who make less than twenty grand a year. The starting salary of teachers ranges from thirty to forty grand a year, and it often rises over time. However, teachers should still be getting paid more for what they do, which is act as caregivers, disciplinarians, educators, and administrators all at once.

So basically, what I’m saying is this: who is going to give your child a better education? The person with thirty kids to teach, or the person with three kids to teach or less? We should also just admit once and for all that a lot of teachers didn’t enter the field because they were so passionate about educating the young people of tomorrow, or for any of the idealistic reasons that teachers will usually cite as long as you ask them about the subject in public instead of private. A lot of teachers became education majors because they couldn’t figure out what they really wanted to do when they were still in high school and college, so they just went with education knowing that at least they would have a secure job once they had successfully managed to graduate, unlike some of their peers in the riskier professions.

Your kids are being taught by people who were apathetic and bored college students twenty or ten years ago. Your kids might be lucky enough to get a few of the dedicated and brilliant teachers that still manage to get into the system, but they aren’t going to be taught by those people exclusively. The odds of that happening are so low that you might as well ignore them altogether. Your kids are going to be taught by the sort of people who started teaching because they couldn’t think of anything better to do with their lives, and they’re probably not going to be especially enthusiastic about what they do for a living. They will take that out on your kids, and they will probably do more to stifle the education of your kids than anything else. It isn’t their fault, but that’s just the way things are, and you can avoid almost all of that by just making sure that your kids get home-schooled.

As a mom of three, I can tell you that when my eldest daughter went to public school, she was still pretty much being home-schooled anyway. She wouldn’t pay any attention to her teacher in class, usually because her teacher was so bad at his job that he made his lectures incomprehensible. She would then ask for help on her homework, and I ended up basically teaching her how to complete all of it. The thing is, I was doing this late at night after I’d already had a full day. It would have been easier if she’d just stayed home altogether, and she could have skipped her teacher’s terrible lectures. Eventually, that’s more or less what happened.