A lot of parents are skeptical about schooling. A lot of non-parents are also skeptical about homeschooling. I know because both groups aren’t exactly shy about admitting it. If you get your own kids educated at home, you’ll have people from both groups who can’t wait to tell you about all of the ways in which you are obviously going to end up screwing your kids up for life.

I mean, all parents are constantly told all of the time that we’re screwing up our kids irreparably. At this stage of my parenting, I’m so used to it that I can’t even really get worked up about it anymore. I even have a hard time getting worked up about non-parents dispensing parenting advice. Everyone has an opinion about everything these days, in the Information Age, and they will make you listen. It’s probably a good thing that parents are encouraged to question all of our parenting decisions these days, in sharp contrast to the days in which parents were allowed to have complete authority with absolutely no societal check at all. I wish everything we did wasn’t questioned every single moment of every single day, but it is better than the alternative.

However, I have definitely made up my mind about home-schooling, and I just think that parents and non-parents alike who object to home-schooling are completely wrong. I really think that they’re just under the impression that just because they went to school outside the home, going to school outside the home is normal and there is literally no other way to get an education that counts for anything. The modern schooling system is very recent and we really don’t have centuries of experience with it. Still, a lot of people today nonetheless manage to see it as the default in every way. Not only is it not the default all around the world, I really wish it wasn’t the default in this country.